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Do you want to become strong, lean and powerful?

Do you want to become strong, lean and powerful?

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Vancouver? – We are confident we can help.

What do we do?

We help you to get in the best shape of your life. Help you to feel, look, and perform at your best.

Teach you how to effectively and safely exercise, recover, eat, and prepare your meals so that you are indeed in charge and feeling unstoppable in whatever endeavor you choose. We specialize in one on one training we focus 100 % on YOU. All our services include one on one personal training, nutrition suggestions, progress tracking, and program design. There are no ads on or hidden charges.

Will our process work for YOU?

We have helped hundreds of clients to reach their goals, and our testimonials, Results section and 5 star Google, Facebook and LinkedIn reviews show the proof we can deliver what we promise. We have a foolproof process that delivers results every time.

Why should I hire you vs. the thousands of other personal trainers?

Because we CARE about YOU, your results, and your satisfaction. Unlike other personal trainers, we promote and teach independence and self-reliance. We don’t only give you a training program or a meal plan. We educate and show you WHY and HOW we create them.

Many personal training companies separate nutrition, mindset/psychology coaching from training packages; however, these are inseparable. We at Iron Lab don’t charge extra for these. Our “all-inclusive” pricing covers all aspects of successful transformation without additional cost to you.

We encourage you to shop around and meet other personal trainers in Vancouver and then come to us for your free consultation and assessment. Then decide what’s best for you.

How do I start?

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  • Had my breakthrough session with the best personal trainer in Vancouver in terms of consultation and physical assessment, it actually feels like he is a physiotherapist, I would have not have a single problem recommending clients to Martin Voslar because I know they got the best Personal Trainer in business... read more

    Michael Lee Avatar
    Michael Lee
  • Martin is a great trainer to work with because he is professional, kind and very knowledgeable. He knows how to motivate people, and makes each training sessions fun and challenging at the same time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want... read more

    Merich Guzel Avatar
    Merich Guzel
  • Martin is an amazing guy and a very professional trainer. He helped me to take my life back.

    Germinal Cinti Avatar
    Germinal Cinti
  • I have enjoyed a number of Martin's classes and really enjoy him as a person as well as a trainer... he really puts the extra effort in to understand his clients and make them feel as comfortable as possible... he even did a great job helping my pregnant wife figuring... read more

    Pete Shpak Avatar
    Pete Shpak
  • In my books Martin is a 5-star trainer. He is positive, motivating, prepared and professional. I've been working with Martin for 18 months and in many ways was a beginner to the gym. I came with very specific goals related to my sport. The first... read more

    Stan Holman Avatar
    Stan Holman
  • After a 5 years of struggle with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and having no luck with physiotherapy I began a strength training routine with Martin. After a year of slow but steady gains my knees were healthy again. I'm doing 4 hour mountain hikes, riding a bike and have almost forgotten... read more

    Russel Horwitz Avatar
    Russel Horwitz
  • I am thrilled to be doing post MVA rehab training with Martin and I love the positive changes I'm seeing in my body and health. I've worked with many other trainers over the years and nobody has matched the incredible knowledge base and passionate motivation that Martin has. ... read more

    Patricia Culver Avatar
    Patricia Culver
  • I can say without a doubt working with Martin has changed my life! He took the time to understand my goals and challenges and created a supportive, encouraging program that I loved. I learned to enjoy exercise, understand the nutrition my body needed and finally saw results. I felt like... read more

    Sarah Gerber Avatar
    Sarah Gerber
  • I can't remember having such a motivating, fun experience in a gym. Martin and Dustin are amazingly knowledgeable and helped me push through a hell of a great workout. You absolutely must work out with these guys!

    Erin Reynel Avatar
    Erin Reynel
  • Martin is a brilliant trainer. I, without hesitation, recommended him. For those seeking someone to teach you excellent form, be in non-egotistical company, and want to benefit from an incredibly optimistic attitude: this is your guy. He’s an excellent human, and skilled trainer.

    Dana Smith Avatar
    Dana Smith
  • I attended several Iron Lab Strength and conditioning classes and they were amazing! I highly recommend the classes, the attention to detail by Martin and the trainers were second to none. The classes were upbeat, fun and motivating.

    Robert Trasolini Avatar
    Robert Trasolini
  • 5 star ratingOn that tenth pull-up it is really hard to love Martin... Argh. But through all the swearing under my breath he manages to get me to finish. I've had a healthy disdane for everything gym related for most of my life. Whether it's the giant bros staggering about lookin you... read more

    Peter S. Avatar
    Peter S.
  • 5 star ratingI have been training with Martin for just a little over a year now, and results have been amazing.  Martin has been very supportive and understanding of my goals and insecurities, and we were able to work through some road blocks and a couple of slight injuries.  Martin is very... read more

    Abu S. Avatar
    Abu S.
  • I've been working with Martin for over 3 year and have been so very pleased with the results I have seen. It’s been a great time . He is meticulous, prepared, professional, caring while firm to push one to achieve ones best. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who... read more

    G C Avatar
    G C
  • Martin is a fantastic trainer. My husband and I have been seeing him for four years. He's always been focused on our wholistic health. He's a wonderful balance of motivating and caring at the same time. He's pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I know that... read more

    Caroline Wakefield Avatar
    Caroline Wakefield
  • Martin is a terrific personal trainer, motivating and super outgoing ! After, an initial consultation he created a program that would help to not only strengthen but improve bad tendencies that he noticed, predominantly my arched back which I've always struggled with! Following his routine and going through the exercises,... read more

    Abhishek Ambekar Avatar
    Abhishek Ambekar
  • Martin is the best! He’s great at teaching how to exercise properly, makes it fun, and takes your overall health into account. Very positive, encouraging, and effective.

    Alison Stafford Avatar
    Alison Stafford
  • My husband and I worked with Martin with the goal of getting fit for our wedding day! Going into it we both had numbers in our minds of how much we wanted to weigh by the date. Martin helped us see past those numbers on the scale and shift our... read more

    lesley anderson Avatar
    lesley anderson
  • Martin is a great coach and trainer, and an all-around awesome guy!

    I had the pleasure of working with Martin (as a fellow independent personal trainer) for a few months out of Club 16 and I enjoyed seeing him every day so upbeat and enthusiastic about working with his clients...
    read more

    Dave MacLean Avatar
    Dave MacLean
  • The care with which Martin designs his clients' training regiments is second to none. The program he designed for me was specifically attuned to my needs as a professional mover. He emphasized areas of my conditioning that are lacking and it has greatly increased my productivity, especially outside of work.... read more

    Todd Fanter Avatar
    Todd Fanter
  • What can I say about Martin that a five star rating doesn't? I've been training with him for almost two years. His enthusiasm and smile is infectious. His knowledge is decades deep and his attention to detail and concern for his clients is obvious and comforting. I would absolutely recommend... read more

    Mike Rumsby Avatar
    Mike Rumsby
  • We had a group session with Martin in the studio. It was challenging but lots of fun. Exactly what you need when working out. Thank you Martin.

    Michelle Castillo Avatar
    Michelle Castillo
  • Four years ago I was healing a broken arm and a hand that had damaged muscles and torn tendons, resulting in no strength, no grasping capabilities and pain beyond belief. My physiotherapist recommended I see Martin Voslar as a strength trainer. She had such faith in him... read more

    Terry Johnson Avatar
    Terry Johnson
  • Martin is by far and away one of the best personal trainers in Vancouver. When you combine his knowledge with his personality, you're not only going to accomplish your goals, but you're going to love every minute of your session with him. If you're looking for a personal trainer, look... read more

    Matt Stansfield Avatar
    Matt Stansfield
  • When I originally went to Martin my plan was to just get a kick start because i quit going to the gym for 6 months.My few sessions turned into a few years. I continued to go because I think he is a fantastic trainer. I've been going to... read more

    Della Gough Avatar
    Della Gough
  • Martin is a fantastic trainer! He challenges you to be your very best. He is knowledge based and has excellent focus on form to ensure your achieving what you set out to do. Martin is root cause vs. symptom focused, working with you to figure out what may be... read more

    indu brar Avatar
    indu brar
  • Martin's holistic approach to strength and fitness are fantastic. I was first referred to Martin after a bad back was keeping me from any fitness at all. I've worked with Martin for two years now and over that time I've gone from really limited movements, to full movement including... read more

    Victoria Brydon Avatar
    Victoria Brydon

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