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Our mission here at Iron Lab is simple: I want you to become a superhero!

It may sound crazy that something seemingly superficial, like building a strong athletic body, can make you superhero (or at least top 1 % of the population). But I know it’s true.

See, when you are not confident, or feel frustrated because of how you look, it seriously affects how you behave in every aspect of your life.

If you dread beach holidays because you can’t see yourself in bikini, or if you can’t find the confidence to spark a conversation with a hot guy because you don’t consider yourself attractive, or if you can’t just spontaneously play a sport match or help a friend move because you’ll be spending next two days on lying a couch — these feelings will constantly keep pushing you down to your knees and making you feel like shit.

When you are strength training, you’re not just building a leaner, stronger version of yourself. Strength training builds you from inside out. It strengthens your spirit. Your confidence will skyrocket, and your enjoyment of life will go through the roof.

When you see your body changing, your mind starts accepting that you can be better. By increasing your confidence in yourself, you start considering and actually doing tasks you would have never thought possible. You truly start to feel invincible! There is nothing you can’t do if you put it in your mind to it.


You’re changing from a lamb to a lioness! I know how it felt when my body transformed from a skinny-fat, 125 pound kid to a strong 190 pound athlete. I didn’t just change my body. I changed my life. I quit a job I hated and pursued a career in what I always wanted to do. I never felt so confident and happy before. Without the boost of my body’s transformation, I would never have had the guts to quit my job and pursue my dream.

4 Step process to kickstart your Superhero transformation:

Step 1:What do you want?

Decide what you want to do and write down your goal TODAY. Not tomorrow, today! Weather you want to drop 40 pounds or get into a dress 1 size smaller, the process is same. Write down in as much detail what your ideal result is and put a realistic time frame to it. Example: don’t write ” lose 10 lb”, instead “drop 1 inches of my waist in 3 months”.

Step 2: The plan

Research your plan how to get there. What are the steps? Find somebody who did it ask them how they did it. Ideally, find a coach or mentor who will be there when things get tough (and they will) during your transformation.

Step 3: Kill your inner weak voice

Yep, that weak version of yourself telling you things like “you can’t do it,” “it’s too difficult,” “you don’t have time, money, genetics etc.” Most importantly, stay away from negative people. Your effort to become a badass superhero will threaten their “ordinary nobody” lives and they’ll do anything possible to talk you out of itSpend a minimum of one hour per day working on your goal. Whether is 30 min workout, foam rolling in your living room or shopping for healthy food to replace the junk food in your cupboards.

Step 4: Take action CONSISTENTLY

EVERY day do something that put you closer to your goal. Whether is 30 min workout, foam rolling in your living room or shopping for healthy food to replace the junk food in your cupboards.

Stay on track no matter of what, and make adjustments along your way according to your short term goals and accomplishments. Attack your challenges as they come, but don’t give up. Keep your vision, your goal always in site. If it is a visual goal you’re going after, keep that visual always in front of you, as a picture on  your screensaver or bulletin board or in your wallet. Don’t lose it from your eyeseight.

80% of the reasons that are holding you back from achieving your goal are INSIDE YOURSELF.

So grab a pen and paper and start writing now!

I’ll finish with a very cheesy (but I still love it) motivation speech by Rocky: