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About Iron Lab

Our values

  • Empower and inspire
  • Promote independence
  • Take consistent action
  • Never ever give up
  • Love yourself

Our mission

To empower and inspire others to achieve their dream body and life.

Our purpose

To simplify the process of getting stronger, fitter and healthier while providing the best customer experience possible.

Our personal training approach

We believe that everything in our lives is connected – what we eat, how we move, how we feel and think. We see your body as an integrated system and use specific nutrition, training, recovery and mindset strategies as the main tools to make a positive change.

We focus on small changes, one step at a time, to ensure you are not overwhelmed yet always steadily moving forward. 

We will be with you every step on your journey, providing support, guidance and help when you need it.


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    4 Pillars of Successful Transformation


    Finding out what specific exercises and training programs are best for your particular situation is both science and art.

    Since there is not ONE BEST program for everyone, every movement has to have a purpose and be tailored to your specific abilities, goals and lifestyle. 


    What, when and how much to eat to build muscle and stay lean? There are no specific meal plans or diet that universally work for everyone.

    Your eating preferences, digestion health, lifestyle and ultimately your specific goals dictate the optimal nutritional strategy. We focus on small changes and monitoring your progress so you won’t get overwhelmed yet you will see progress while enjoying the food you’re eating.


    To build the ultimate physique of your dreams requires more than hard workouts and few servings of chicken and rice in a Tupperware.

    First, you need to believe what you can actually achieve. Recognize any negative thought process and get rid of your limiting beliefs for good. Many coaches underestimate the importance of psychology but no mistake weak mind can’t build a strong body. 


    Your body grows and repairs while you rest. So proper sleep and recovery is crucial for your body transformation and your overall health.

    So how do you balance all the training, food preparation and your busy life? Through a custom tailored recovery plan we help you to design.

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