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Martin Voslar

Personal Trainer, Founder of Iron Lab Strength & Conditioning

Martin Voslar founded Iron Lab Strength and Conditioning in 2011 with a single purpose: to help others achieve the body and life of their dreams so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Martin grew up in the Czech Republic in the infamous “chemical city” Usti nad Labem, known for its plastic melting acid rains and deadly smog conditions. Combined with a lack of interest in sports, Martin’s fitness was less than stellar, should we say.

As a teenager he was flabby with a belly, unable to do a single push up or run for more than 50 meters without gasping for air. He was frustrated about the way he looked and feel, he suffered from bullying at school, and his most hated subject was physical education.

This nightmare lasted until he was 15 years old. His breaking point was watching a pirated version of Rocky IV (that’s the one where Sly is fighting Dolph Lundgren). The story of an underdog and hard work inspired Martin and since then he’s never looked back. The very next day he joined the only gym in town and started to lift weights.

Martin explored various ways to get fit, from popular bodybuilding training programs, taekwondo classes, one-year service in the elite Czech Special Forces and CrossFit, to behavior psychology and energy work. Ever since, Martin’s curiosity and desire to learn more about human body and mind has grown.

In his free time Martin loves to travel and watching movies with his wife Andrea.


  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (Canadian Fitness Professionals)
  • Corrective Exercise Coach (in progress): CHEK Institute
  • Level 1 Nutrition (in progress): Precision Nutrition
  • Former member of Czech Special Forces (44th Airborne and Reconnaissance unit)
  • CrossFit Coach (Level 1)

Andrea Voslar

Marketing Specialist

Andrea, Martin’s better half is an expert on communication and marketing.

Her extensive travel experience and natural ability to communicate clearly and passionately shines through her work.

In her free time you can find Andrea cycling around Vancouver, playing with her cat Aloha or exploring the world
with Martin.

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Ian from U.K

I’ve experienced a number of personal trainers over the past four years, and Martin is one of the very best. His knowledge, attention to detail and ability to teach the correct technique is second to none. I had two sessions with Martin when in Vancouver on holiday, and felt in extremely safe and competent hands with him. Even during those two sessions, I learned a lot, and he was able to help me focus on improving my technique. I only wish that I could make use of Martin’s services on a regular basis! I will definitely look to book with him again in future. 5 stars!


Thank you Martin – for being such a great coach & motivator! From the very first session, Martin has been a font of fitness knowledge, practical nutritional advice and total professional encouragement. Knowing that my time is precious, Martin always tailors each workout session for my maximum fitness benefit. He really knows how to make me work hard yet we still manage to have fun. Unfortunately the hour always flies by way too fast! Following Martin’s suggestion I had a body composition scan before we started working together and after a little less than 3 months of workouts and my latest scan showed very positive results. I lost almost 11 lbs. of fat, gained 4.4 lbs. of lean muscle, and lowered my total body fat by 5.6%. But best of all I increased my bone density which for me is a very welcome but unexpected outcome. I would recommend Martin in a heartbeat. If you are serious about your fitness goals, Martin will guide to you success.


Martin's holistic approach to health and wellness permeates his entire being. He brings a great attitude, loads of experience, and a genuine care for my health to every session. His eye for alignment and proper form are spot-on and have allowed me to safely build a foundation of strength and coordination for weight training. I've never felt stronger, leaner, and more agile than now. Thank you, Martin for being such an integral part of reaching my fitness goals!


After a 5 years of struggle with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and having no luck with physiotherapy I began a strength training routine with Martin. After a year of slow but steady gains my knees were healthy again. I'm doing 4 hour mountain hikes, riding a bike and have almost forgotten how hard it was to do simple things like sitting in a chair for more than 5 minutes. This was by far the best investment of money and time in my entire life.


Martin is by far and away one of the best personal trainers in Vancouver. When you combine his knowledge with his personality, you're not only going to accomplish your goals, but you're going to love every minute of your session with him. If you're looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Martin and Iron Lab Strength and conditioning.


I've been working with Martin for over a year and have been so very pleased with the results I have seen. The experience of working with him has been exceptional -- he is very knowledgeable, aware and conscientious. And best of all, he has actually managed to make time in the gym fun!


After years of having great personal trainers in LA and NYC, I was nervous about finding a good one in Vancouver. I'm so glad Martin was recommended to me. I've become stronger and have seen actual results. Martin has also helped me through some tough times being a newbie in this city by being a great listener. I'm so glad to continue my training with him.


In the mountains, being able to trust those around me is paramount. I consider this equally important for the people I work with to train for the mountains. Martin’s work ethic, professionalism, passion, and ability to help his clients meet their goals is second to none. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, I would highly recommend Martin.


Martin, thank you for all your efforts to whip me back into shape! I really enjoyed my workouts with you. Your knowledge motivation and enthusiasm made my training more interesting and fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for a great trainer.