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FREE Consultation & Assessment


    WHY should you do it?

    To find out what specifically may be holding you back from where you want to be.

    To get a step by step plan (whether you end up working with us or not) what to do next to reach your fitness goals.

    Get answers to the following questions.

    • How often should you train?
    • What exercises should I be doing?
    • What exercises should I not be doing?
    • How much and what should you be eating?
    • How to track your training and nutrition without going crazy.
    • How to avoid plateaus.
    • How to deal with existing and minimize future injuries.

    And much more!

    WHAT Do I actually get?

    • 60 min face to face session with Martin or Charlotte.
    • Actionable step by step plan that you can use right away in your training, nutrition and daily planning to get you closer to your goals (a full report will be emailed you to after your session).
    • New knowledge about your body, what exercises you should incorporate and what you should avoid in your training to avoid injuries, alleviate discomfort and pain.
    • An unbiased professional opinion on what to do next to achieve your fitness goals.

    HOW does it work

    step 1: click the button

    Click on this button to schedule your consultation, you’ll receive instant confirmation of your selected time and day in less than 5 seconds.

    step 2: Complete the online questionnaire

    Fill in-depth online questionnaire (the link will be in emailed you after you book your consultation) that will uncover your specific goals, current lifestyle, eating habits and what may be in the way of getting your goals.

    STEP 3: Meet in person with your trainer

    Meet face to face for 60 min consultation where we go deeper into your questionnaire and discuss what your current eating, lifestyle and training habits are and what would be the best strategy getting closer to your goals based on the responses in your questionnaire.

    You will also learn more about your posture and movement so you know what exercises and mobility technique you should be doing to improve your health, posture and achieve your goals.

    STEP 4: WIN, WIN

    If you decide to work with us, your custom-tailored training, mobility, nutrition and accountability plan will be reviewed with you during your next session. If you decide not to work together (no hard feelings) we will email your report and recommendations what we suggest and provide further resources so you are now better equipped with new knowledge and skills to succeed on your fitness journey.



    Let us help you reach your goals

    Do you feel you're stuck and not sure what to do?

    In spite of trying different exercise programs or diets still not happy with your results?

    Let us help you. 

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