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Mindset Coaching


Having a strong mindset results in having a strong and powerful body.

Some refer to this as being a “badass”.

What does “being a badass” actually mean? Having an incredible body that turns heads and causes either praise or envy? The feeling of satisfaction you have when you see your body in the mirror, or the seemingly impossible things you are capable of both inside and outside the gym? Or is it how you carry yourself and the energy you project? Maybe it is how you use your strength and how you make this world a better place. We believe it is all of the above and much more, and would love for you to experience it all.

You see, being badass does not always involve curvy and lean muscular body parts, but it does always involve mind and heart. It is how you feel and think.

Unfortunately, our limiting beliefs and negative past experiences highly affect our life and actions we take on daily basis. In order to unleash the badass within you we must break these obstacles and let your awesomeness shine through.

We do this through mindset coaching (which is included with your one-on-one training and online coaching). Some clients need more guidance than others, but the same 5-point coaching strategies apply:

  1. Clarifying your vision,
  2. Strategize your actions,
  3. Optimize your environment,
  4. Upgrade your skills,
  5. Master your psychology.

This proven method allows you to break through your limitations and optimize all aspects of your well-being. Simply said, when we focus on your “inner work” the outside (your body) follows.

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