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In the field of fitness and nutrition, the answer to almost any question can be “It depends.” This is not a smart-ass answer, but an honest statement. For example, if you ask, “How much protein should I eat per day? How often should I do cardio? Can I eat two slices of a cheesecake today?”

The answer would depend on your particular situation. Without knowing more about you we would not be able to give you an accurate answer. Yes, it would be much easier to create an absolute answer that would be always correct, but unfortunately that does not work. Nutrition, just like exercise, has to be tailored to you to be effective. Our nutrition consulting strategy is based on your current eating habits, lifestyle, your home and work environment, your mindset and your goals. We focus on one small change at a time and make sure you can incorporate it in your busy life.

Once it becomes a habit we add another small improvement. As always, we monitor how you are responding to these adjustments, making sure you are not feeling overwhelmed yet adopting these new habits into your lifestyle. Whether you are a vegan, paleo fan, gluten, dairy free or a chocoholic, we can find a plan that will fit your current lifestyle while delivering the results you want. All of our nutritional consulting is already included in one-on-one training and online coaching rates (as you really can’t separate these two from each other if you want to see a long-lasting change).

So, whether you are looking for a small improvement of your current diet or total nutritional overhaul, we are here for you. In order to get started, book your Fitness Breakthrough Session.


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