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Personal Training in Vancouver

Best personal trainers in Vancouver are here to help you.

One on One personal training is the most “traditional form” of personal training and it is still one of the most effective way to reach your fitness goals.

If you are overwhelmed from the 21 million results from Google search “personal trainer Vancouver”  Here is a blog post that may help you to find the best personal trainer for you.

So what does personal training session include?

Our “all in one” personal training pricing concept:

Many personal trainers separate their nutrition, personal training and mindset/psychology coaching from each other so they can charge more money.

We believe they are ALL part of any transformation and CAN NOT be separated, therefor we DON’T CHARGE EXTRA for them.

When you pay for 60 min personal training session with an Iron Lab trainer you are getting the following:

  • Programming for that current session
  • Exercise coaching and support during the session
  • A written record of the session (including weights, reps, comments) available at your One Drive Folder for later review
  • Email support after the session (unlimited)
  • Nutrition review of your last week diet (in an app)
  • Body composition and daily weight review from last week
  • Any mental or habit challenges from last week
  • Review of your own “homework” gym sessions

As you can see there is a lot of work done by your certified personal trainer that is going well beyond the actual 60 min session.

So when you’re comparing personal trainers rates please make sure you always ask “What do I get for that price?”

Our personal training coaching expends to all 4 areas of any successful transformation.







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