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We all want different things when it comes to our personal fitness. Lose 5 lb, get rid of a belly fat, drop two dress sizes, tone up, get stronger, gain more muscle, get rid of nagging pain, have more energy, etc…

It is great to know what you want; however, how to get there is a different question. We see our job as simplifying the process of getting fitter, stronger and healthier (or insert your specific goal here) while providing you with the best customer experience possible.

There is no standard way of “doing things” in personal training and many trainers have achieved fantastic results for their clients using different methods and strategies. However, one thing is common amongst these trainers – they know A LOT about their clients, and that is not a coincidence.

Why choose Iron Lab as your Vancouver personal trainer?

In order to help you achieve your biggest, most courageous fitness goals, we need to know more about you. When you first contact us we will ask you to fill in an in-depth online questionnaire prior to your free consultation.

This in-depth assessment and evaluation does not only apply to new clients, but to all existing clients during their regular “check-ups” to make sure they are progressing towards their goals and we are not missing anything. We are always adjusting and seeing what we can improve on in all areas of your well-being as we strongly believe in an integrated approach to fitness.

In your training, we build your body from the bottom up. We start with your current mobility and stability, then work on strength, and finish with conditioning. This method prevents injuries and reassures your long-lasting progress. You will get stronger from one workout to another, learn more about your body, and be able to do things that were not possible before.

We are not fans of the coolest-looking moves you see on YouTube or have one specific type of training that we prescribe to all clients. We simply match a style of training and specific exercises to your needs, preferences, and what we see would help the most to improve your overall health and fitness.


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